• Leading RIT provider in the Tampay Bay Area
  • Leading RIT provider in the Tampay Bay Area
  • Leading RIT provider in the Tampay Bay Area

Low Back

Low back injuries and diseases are one of the most common health problems. Fortunately, they usually respond well to prolotherapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT). One of the most commonly missed causes of low back problems are enthesopathy or degenerative changes in ligament and tendons where they are attached to the bone. These degenerative changes are also called tendinosis or ligamentosis and coincide with degenerative disc or facet disease. When the usual treatments do not help, injections inside the disc are successful in many patients.


Common causes of chronic low back problems are unresolved sprains and strains from work, "weekend warrior" activities, sports, car accidents, falls, bending or twisting injuries, degeneration after lumbar spine surgeries, and age-related "arthritis". A routinely overlooked source of low back problems stems from the hip and is often confused with sacroiliac, disc or facet injuries.


If you are interested in more details, please visit the library section of this web site to read publications on the subject.


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Lower Back Evaluation

Dr. Linetsky performs an evaluation on a patient with low back problems.




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