• Leading RIT provider in the Tampay Bay Area
  • Leading RIT provider in the Tampay Bay Area
  • Leading RIT provider in the Tampay Bay Area


The wrist and hand are very complex structures with many bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Problems may arise from any of them and often from several of them. Ligament or tendon damage diagnosed on MRI does not always correlate with the patient's problem. The following will give you an understanding of the wrist and hand complexity.


This is a recent story of a former San Francisco quarterback. The man was involved in a car accident and had multiple broken bones but none in the wrist. Three month later when the bones were in the healing process and he did not need much medication, he became aware of right wrist discomfort so severe that he could not lift a cup of coffee, his arm and hand were swollen and he had to use a special wrist splint. MRI with contrast technique was done and revealed several ruptured ligaments between the wrist bones. He was examined and it was determined that his problem was not related to those ruptured ligaments but was coming from two ligaments on each side of the wrist that were also injured in that accident. Immediately after the first prolotherapy or Regenerative Injection Therapy treatment (RIT) the problem was gone, he was able to move the hand without discomfort and leave home without a splint. At the second visit three weeks later, he stated that his discomfort level was 65% less, he did not have to use the splint, and the swelling was gone.


Prolotherapy or RIT in the wrist was introduced by Dr. George Hackett in 1958. There are two studies of osteoarthritis of the fingers using dextrose solution. Those of you who are interested in more details may visit the library section of this web site and read Dr. Hackett's text on page 65.

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